Musochat: The Next Generation

The leadership team is open-sourcing musochat in order to make space for new endeavors.

The Intersection of Wellness & Creativity (8/19/2018)

Wellness and creativity are both challenging to sustain, but they are really interdependent on each other. Let’s explore the ways that they interact, and the habits and routines that support them. Hosted by Rachel Hass.

Commissioning and Collaboration Etiquette (7/29/2018)

What should composers and musical artists do (and definitely not do) when working on commissions or collaborations? Hosted by Anthony Sanchez.

Composing & Curating Music for Amateur Performers (6/24/2018)

Let’s discuss the ways in which new music can be made accessible to amateur performers and diverse audiences and the possible benefits of doing so. Hosted by Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Where is the Line Between Healthy and Unhealthy Competition in Music? (5/27/2018)

Where does healthy, productive competition become unhealthy and counterproductive? Hosted by Mark Connor.

Identifying Influence (4/29/2018)

How clearly can we articulate to ourselves what inspires us and how it shows up in our work as musicians? How do we negotiate between new influences and our previously “established” voice? What can we gain from tracing past influences? Hosted by composer & student Cullyn Murphy.

(New) Music Education (3/25/2018)

For New Music to thrive, we need an educated and enthusiastic audience. Let’s explore how we can cultivate that audience in K-12 music classrooms and undergraduate teacher training programs. Hosted by music educator Aaron Given.

Community Engaged Learning (2/25/2018)

How we engage the communities around us, how we experiment with different formats before, during, and after concerts, and how that affects the way we present new music. Hosted by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti.

2018 – A New Year with New Failures (1/28/2018)

Get up-close and personal about music career failures, and how we can be more resilient for when the next one happens. Hosted by Rachel Hacker.

Notation (12/17/2017)

A discussion about how to notate extended techniques, improvisations, and if/when over- or under-notating is useful. Hosted by John Huenemann.

Gender Diversity in New Opera (11/19/2017)

Exploring how we can expand the gender diversity represented in new operatic works and how we can rethink casting of established works in the 21st century. Hosted by Aiden Kim Feltkamp.

Building Careers with a Bachelor’s Degree (10/22/2017)

What impression does holding a bachelor’s degree give potential collaborators, and what limitations are present when building a career? Hosted by Tony Manfredonia.

An old radio

New Music Radio (8/27/2017)

Is it possible to run a successful, financially viable, new music radio program/station with ample listenership? Hosted by Chrysanthe Tan.

The Still Point & Silence (7/30/2017)

Before we can understand an artist’s work, thoughts, creative aesthetic, artistic merit, and so forth, we must learn and understand his/her personnel background and their gestation… Hosted by Ryan Keebaugh.

The Art of Self Promotion! (6/25/2017)

What are the most effective and efficient ways to promote yourself and your performances? How do you get audiences into the seats? Where is the line between adequate promotion and spamming? Hosted by Jennifer Reason.

Summer Schedule 2017: New hosting dates open!

Hi all! We’re slowing the #musochat schedule over the summer. Chats will take place the last Sunday of each month: June 25, July 30, and August 27. Sign up here…

On Support (IRL workshop at New Music Gathering) (5/12/2017)

Join Musochat at New Music Gathering for an in-person #musochat on the subject of support. Hosted by the Musochat leadership squad.

Historically Informed Performances (5/7/2017)

Can historically accurate performance practice improve or enhance musical presentation to new and regular audiences? Hosted by Joseph Svendsen.

Technology in Music Education (4/30/2017)

How has technology changed the way music teachers interact with students? Can it? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.

from scratch

Starting from Scratch (4/23/2017)

A dive into the process of building momentum for new music from what seems like nothing, with the hope that everyone will teach each other a few strategies for identifying critical local resources and potential institutional partners. Hosted by Garrett Schumann.

Easter Break (4/16/2017)

No chat this week. See you on the 23rd!

Understanding Copyright and Licensing (4/9/2017)

Let’s discuss how we register works, obtain licenses for recording, protect what we’ve created, and the permissions we need to perform work written by someone else. Hosted by Ian Ring.

New Music as Arts Diplomacy (4/2/2017)

How can new music be used as a vehicle for arts diplomacy; locally, domestically and internationally? Hosted by Josh Armenta.

Prioritizing (3/26/2017)

How do we prioritize in our work? As musicians, sometimes there are a lot of small tasks or projects that eventually lead to a big payoff. Sometimes projects stall. How do we decide how to best direct our limited resource: time? Hosted by Tammy Evans Yonce.

Refuelling: Ethics in cultural sponsorship (3/19/2017)

How do we perpetuate our projects in austerity conditions? Hosted by Kelly Lovelady.

Extended Techniques (3/12/2017)

A discussion about the usage and trend of extended techniques. Are they necessary and if so, what guidelines should be considered when using them? Hosted by Cassandra Venaglia.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable: Trying New Things (3/5/2017)

Trying new things can be intimidating, yet crucial to our personal and artistic growth. When was the last time you tried something new? How did it go? Is trying new things a regular part of your routine, or something that doesn’t happen very often? Hosted by Hillary LaBonte.

Incorporating Feedback (2/26/2017)

Every time we perform, share a new piece, or even simply live our lives, we open the doors to critique. How can we suss out helpful advice from unhelpful advice? What are some of the best ways to incorporate (or ignore) criticism? Hosted by Chrysanthe Tan.

House Concerts (2/19/2017)

There’s no better way to perform and connect with your own personal music community than intimate house concerts. We will discuss ideas for producing, promoting, and performing house concerts. Hosted by Arthur Breur.

Audience Development in the Digital Space (2/12/2017)

Can we make meaningful connections with listeners entirely in the digital space? Can musicians learn meaningfully from each other about audience development strategies online? What barriers stand in the way? What tools are available? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.