August 2015

8/30: Criticism and Self Improvement

As musicians, we receive a tremendous amount of criticism – constructive or destructive, warranted or otherwise. How does one make the most of this critical environment? Hosted by @griffincandey.

8/23: Identity in New Music

We use music, specifically new music, to shape our individual identities and help us belong to a communal identity. This week’s conversation revolves around that topic in concept, practice, and development. Hosted by @mezzoihnen.

8/16: Genre: The Classification Conundrum

How do we engage/deal with genre in 2015? How does it help build musical allies? For composers, does each piece have its own genre? For ensembles, do you gravitate/resonate with specific genres? Is #NewMusic even a genre? Hosted by @KennethDStewart.

8/9: New Music in Various Cities

Discussing the new music scenes in various cities, and how we can turn online networking into opportunities in real life. Hosted by @sugarvendil.

8/2: Spontaneous Mixed Bag

Live music, recorded music, and food pairings. Hosted by @garrt and @sugarvendil.