September 2015

9/27: The Many Venues of New Music

How is the notion of venue being rewritten? What are the preferred spaces for new music? How has the internet become the central venue for our musical thrust? Hosted by @kennethdstewart.

9/20: Mentality: Well-being, Struggles, and Challenges

We all interact with our musical craft with a personal attentiveness and connection that makes the two inseparable. This can cause our mental well-being to follow the successes and struggles of our craft, creating unique obstacles to conquer. Tonight’s #musochat will be aimed at using each other as a catalyst to learn to deal with and balance mental well-being and craft. Hosted by @kbald77.

9/13: Cross-Discipline Collaborations in New Music

Considering the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the future of new music, as well as what makes a great collaboration successful. Hosted by @surrendertofun.