October 2015

10/25: New Music for Newbies

As a listener, encountering new music for the first time can be enlightening, confusing or downright daunting. We’ll look back on our first experiences with new music, and explore ways to introduce it to others so that it opens them to seeking more and different musical experiences. Hosted by @pickleshy.

10/18: Creating Your Own Ensemble

In today’s culture where you can produce just about anything, instead of seeking permission to perform from others, could you establish your own ensemble with colleagues and friends you already know and perform your own work? We will discuss the feasibility of creating a new ensemble, how to create an ensemble, and ways to make it thrive. Hosted by @jdgaby.

10/11: Sharing Resources and Creating Spaces for Collaboration

It’s no secret: there’s no (big) money in new music. That doesn’t mean we should adopt a mindset based on scarcity. Instead, we should focus on building our communities – local, regional, and national – by creating opportunities and spaces that encourage people to work together and share what they have. Hosted by @andrewstiefel.

10/4: Online Presence

What role do the internet, social media, and electronic communications in general play in accomplishing your musical goals? Hosted by @J_Derderian.