November 2015

11/22: Classical Loves Pop, Pop Loves Classical

If you trawl with a larger net, you’re going to pick up things that you didn’t know existed and didn’t know that you needed. Hosted by Griffin Candey (@griffincandey).

11/15: Using Technology and the World Wide Web to Expand Artistic Horizons

A discussion of the intersection between new technologies and our artistic practices. Hosted by @DrGTMarie.

11/8: The Grant Gauntlet

Grants are something that artists across all disciplines wrestle with, and I also do it professionally. This week as I’ll primarily act as a resource for questions you may have, and perhaps get you thinking about aspects of the grant process you may not have previously considered. Hosted by @garrettshatzer.

11/1: Creating Environments Where Others Can Thrive

How can we foster the environment of giving up our slice of the pie for others? Or better yet, how do we find happiness in others’ success? Hosted by @AleksSD.