January 2016

1/31: Making It Happen

Since we’re all looking for our next gig, can we use musochat to form the connections to make some concrete art? Hosted by Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore).

1/24: Composing for the Stage

Writing for the voice & stage is tough, no doubt. How does one balance one’s voice with the needs of cast, crew, theater, and audience? How does one even break into this field? Hosted by Griffin Candey (@griffincandey).

1/17: What Makes You So Freaking Special?

We all have something to say, but how do you make it about you, without making it all about… you? Hosted by Jolene Masone (@jkmbassoon).

1/10: Community and Community-Building

What do our communities need, and how can we provide it? Hosted by team @musochat.

1/3: Something Old, Something New

How can we balance originality, palatability, and creative freedom in an era of over-saturation? Hosted by Peter Bregman (@p_bregman).