February 2016

2/28: Diversity vs. the Stacked Deck

A calm, supportive, useful group of questions about diversity in New Music that hopefully will generate some things we can do to add more experiences to our collective voice. Hosted by @gahlord.

2/21: Beating Resistance

Discussing our experience with and awareness of resistance, how we combat it and triumph over it. Hosted by @arthurbreur.

2/7: What Can ‘Radio’ Do For You?

We’ve all probably heard it at some point: “Radio is dying.” How is radio thriving (or is it?) in the terrestrial and digital mediums? What is the role of new music in that arena? What would you like to see and hear on the platforms you’re using? How can radio better serve you? Hosted by Maggie Stapleton, manager of Second Inversion/Classical KING FM 98.1 (@secondinversion).