April 2016

4/24: Grad School

I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing grad school. I have lots of questions around that. Hosted by @gahlord.

4/17: Identity as Part of the Creative Process

How has your identity/self-labeling affected your work as an artist? Has identity been your greatest tool in your creativity? Has it been a hindrance due to insecurities in identity? Hosted by @RossCrean.

4/10: Creating the True Fan

How do we best create understanding and inspire devotion in those we’d like to be listening to what we do before, during, and after they experience new music? Hosted by @katiekellert.

4/3: Doing Our Work: Ritual, Routine, Results

Under which conditions do we do our best work? Can establishing a routine help us beat self-sabotage? We will discuss creating positive environments and seek inspiring suggestions for how we do our work. Hosted by @hroadfeldt.