May 2016

5/29: Limits & Boundaries of Notation

Many composers of the past century have been pushing limits with graphic notation, video notation, or other new ideas. In what ways is this powerful and exploratory, for performers, composers, and audiences? In what ways is it limiting and diminishing, for the same groups? What’s the next step? Hosted by @AlanUhler.

5/22: Social Media Marketing for Performers

Many classical performers are on social media. This chat is all about deciding what the role of social media is for performers from a marketing standpoint, and how it might help performers and performance venues to find new audiences for our work. Hosted by @Operaversity.

5/15: The Open Work: Artistic accessibility & what we mean when we talk about it

What do we mean when we talk about the accessibility of a work? What do we perceive it to mean when others use it? Are there more precise words we could use? Is “accessibility” a useful metric in any way, or should we aim to retire it? Hosted by @sbassoon.

5/8: How Shame, Secrets, and Hang-Ups Affect Our Art

Even the most confident and accomplished musician has hangups and experiences shame from time to time. These things can sometimes hinder our work. Perhaps when utilized a certain way, they can also help our work? Hosted by @chrysanthetan.

5/1: What Is This? Genres & Labels

What are genres? Why does it matter? SHOULD it matter? I always think about this, and I want to know what others think! I’ve got so much to ask. Hosted by @samelnicomposer.