June 2016

6/26: What Exactly is ‘Classical’ Anyway?

There’s been a bit of debate this year about the term “classical music” and its limitations. What exactly is “classical music”? And how far does it go into the past and into the present? Hosted by @dsaylorcomposer.

6/19: New Music Festivals

What works well, what doesn’t work, and how can competitions and new music festivals support the larger community? Hosted by @mezzoihnen, @gibsonmara, and @mhall_viola.

6/12: What Would You Make?

The things we actually create are limited by all kinds of things (money, time, resources, location). What are the “dream projects” of today’s composers and performers? Could social media be a force for accomplishing some of these things? Hosted by @riotens.

6/5: Support

What are the ways in which we can support each other? Where do you find your own support? Where aren’t you finding support? What are you hoping NMG will cover surrounding this topic? Hosted by @newmusgathering.