July 2016

7/31: Creativity

About the creative spirit and musicians who express creativity through multiple outlets; about the social stigma of how being a creative is not a worthwhile occupation. Hosted by @AngelinaPanozzo.

7/24: Musochat 1-year Anniversary Chat

At our 1-year mark, the Musochat leadership is taking a look at Musochat in the past, present, and future. What has Musochat meant to you? What would you like to see more of? Less of? All this and more… Hosted by @musochat.

7/17: Programming

What considerations do you make when putting together a program? Hosted by @ursulasahagian.

7/10: Untangling Money Knots

Money is a taboo subject in our culture, and is often particularly hard to deal with for creative types. Let’s untangle some money knots. Hosted by @arthurbreur.

7/3: Where Performance Meets Pedagogy

What if we discussed teaching new music as thoroughly as we discuss performing/promoting it? Hosted by @QuirkyViolinist.