March 2017

Prioritizing (3/26/2017)

How do we prioritize in our work? As musicians, sometimes there are a lot of small tasks or projects that eventually lead to a big payoff. Sometimes projects stall. How do we decide how to best direct our limited resource: time? Hosted by Tammy Evans Yonce.

Refuelling: Ethics in cultural sponsorship (3/19/2017)

How do we perpetuate our projects in austerity conditions? Hosted by Kelly Lovelady.

Extended Techniques (3/12/2017)

A discussion about the usage and trend of extended techniques. Are they necessary and if so, what guidelines should be considered when using them? Hosted by Cassandra Venaglia.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable: Trying New Things (3/5/2017)

Trying new things can be intimidating, yet crucial to our personal and artistic growth. When was the last time you tried something new? How did it go? Is trying new things a regular part of your routine, or something that doesn’t happen very often? Hosted by Hillary LaBonte.