April 2017

Technology in Music Education (4/30/2017)

How has technology changed the way music teachers interact with students? Can it? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.

from scratch

Starting from Scratch (4/23/2017)

A dive into the process of building momentum for new music from what seems like nothing, with the hope that everyone will teach each other a few strategies for identifying critical local resources and potential institutional partners. Hosted by Garrett Schumann.

Easter Break (4/16/2017)

No chat this week. See you on the 23rd!

Understanding Copyright and Licensing (4/9/2017)

Let’s discuss how we register works, obtain licenses for recording, protect what we’ve created, and the permissions we need to perform work written by someone else. Hosted by Ian Ring.

New Music as Arts Diplomacy (4/2/2017)

How can new music be used as a vehicle for arts diplomacy; locally, domestically and internationally? Hosted by Josh Armenta.