March 2018

The Intersection of Wellness and Creativity (8/19/2018)

Wellness and creativity are both challenging to sustain, but they are really interdependent on each other. Let’s explore the ways that they interact, and the habits and routines that support them. Hosted by Rachel Hass.

Commissioning and Collaboration Etiquette (7/29/2018)

What should composers and musical artists do (and definitely not do) when working on commissions or collaborations? Hosted by Anthony Sanchez.

Composing & Curating Music for Amateur Performers (6/24/2018)

Let’s discuss the ways in which new music can be made accessible to amateur performers and diverse audiences and the possible benefits of doing so. Hosted by Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

Where is the Line Between Healthy and Unhealthy Competition in Music? (5/27/2018)

Where does healthy, productive competition become unhealthy and counterproductive? Hosted by Mark Connor.

Identifying Influence (4/29/2018)

How clearly can we articulate to ourselves what inspires us and how it shows up in our work as musicians? How do we negotiate between new influences and our previously “established” voice? What can we gain from tracing past influences? Hosted by composer & student Cullyn Murphy.