The basics

Musochats are informal discussions among friends and colleagues on the topic of classical and new music. Anyone can host a chat!

From 2015-2018, musochat took place weekly or monthly on Sunday evenings.  It continues today in a more open, community-led format.

Musochat was organized by: Shaya Lyon, Garrett Schumann, Megan Ihnen, Gahlord Dewald, Hillary LaBonte, and Jason Gerraughty.

Anatomy of a musochat

Musochats usually look something like this:


How to musochat

Anyone can join and everyone is welcome! To participate, search for the hashtag #musochat on Twitter, make sure you’re on the “Live” tab, read the questions coming in, then reply by quoting the tweet and adding your answer. Tag each answer and comment with the number of the corresponding question (A1, A2, etc.) and #musochat so that others can follow the conversation.

We’ve also put together a participation guide – check it out!

Still curious?

Learn more about musochat in this blog post from NewMusicBox, or listen to podcast episodes discussing musochat on SoundNotion and The Portfolio Composer.

See you at musochat!