Host: Kevin Clark (@kevinefclark)

How do you find the opportunities? How do you pick which ones to apply for? How do you minimize the time you spend applying, and how do you know what to submit?

Here are Kevin’s introductions:

Welcome all! Before we start, a few hasty framing remarks on tonight’s topic: Applying For Stuff(tm).  Applying For Stuff(tm) is pretty close to a universal shared experience in our field, and it’s weird. Most people get turned down for most things most of the time, and that feels crappy. It isolates us. As a field, we’re stronger, and better artists, when we’re not isolated from each other.

It’s my job to work with funders to make applying for stuff better. This is literally what I do for a living. (That said, this #musochat is about your stories, not “insider-secrets-for-how-to-win-the-thing”; those are for any other time, just ask.) So tonight, please share openly, and listen to each other. I, and any other funders watching, can try to make it better next time.

Last note before we start: @gregsimonmusic is running a survey right now about composer opportunities! If you haven’t yet, give him a hand with his research. Ok, here we go: