Host: Arthur Breur (@arthurbreur), web developer/composer

In Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, he talks about that part of every artist and creator that holds us back. He calls it “Resistance”, and others have called it the “Gremlin” or (in my case) “The Meddler”. It is the part of you that jumps up and tells you every reason why you shouldn’t do something or why you will fail at your endeavors.

This chat will ask participants about their experience with and awareness of Resistance, how they (and we all can) combat it and triumph over it.

Arthur introduced the chat with the following:

Resistance is that part of ourselves that is self-defeating when we aim to achieve great things.

Resistance manifests as any internally generated feeling or motivation that
A) itself prevents positive forward actions, or
B) causes us to create or allow circumstances that prevent positive forward action.

If we agree that our goal is to accomplish our creative goals, small and large, then Resistance is the enemy of our creative efforts.


  1. Please introduce yourself: name, nickname (if you like), current city, home town (where you’re “from”), & your role in music.
  2. What is/are your big life dreams for accomplishments in music? (Think BIG, setting no limits on what you dream of accomplishing.)
  3. Close your eyes and picture achieving that/those big life dream(s). What feelings/thoughts do you experience when you do this? Resistance takes the form of outright fear, avoidance (i.e. distraction or dissuasion), unworthiness, etc., but it is actively working to defeat you. Noticing these feelings can help motivate you toward action, and can even help guide you toward what you SHOULD be doing!
  4. What are some smaller short- or mid-term accomplishments that will help lead to your big life dream accomplishment(s)? Short term for our purposes means something you can start working on now and have become real in anything from 2-3 months to 1-2 years.
  5. What feelings or thoughts do you regularly experience that directly stop you from working toward your dreams/goals?
  6. What circumstances are in your life that you perceive as preventing you from making positive action toward your dreams? Resistance will use any method to stop you from achieving your goal, including life circumstances. Resistance will often lead you to create life circumstances that get in the way (or SEEM to get in the way) of you DOING THE WORK to achieve your goals.
  7. Think how these circumstances might be created—or tolerated—by you. How might you change—or bypass—those circumstances?
  8. What activities are you NOT doing that you SHOULD BE DOING every day, to move you toward your dream accomplishments? The only way to beat Resistance is to DO THE WORK, every day.
  9. What is keeping you from doing the daily activities you should be doing to reach your dream accomplishments?
  10. How much time—& at what time—every day WILL YOU commit to do the work that will move you toward your dreams—starting NOW? No matter how busy you are or what your circumstances, you can (and MUST) spare some time EVERY DAY to DO THE WORK to reach your dream accomplishments. Understand on this question that no amount is a wrong answer or is too little time to make a start in beating Resistance EVERY DAY.

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Photo: “Lovely resistors” by Windell Oskay on Flickr.