Host: Griffin Candey (@griffincandey)

Being steeped in one kind of music is like being in a religion: there are zealots (and sometimes bits of circulated literature) that mention that your way is the only way, and that all other ways are false and full of the sinners and the uninitiated.

All it takes is to zoom out a bit to recognize this: that all ways have basic emotional things to speak to people, and that you might be able to learn from those other ways. Yes, I learned from Maurice Ravel – but I also learned from The Rolling Stones and Rage Against the Machine and jazz and EDM and Stephen Sondheim and Beyoncé.

If you trawl with a larger net, you’re going to pick up things that you didn’t know existed and didn’t know that you needed.

I’ve written a bit about the impetus for my picking this subject.


  • Q1 Name/location/profession; name of (+ Youtube link to) the non-classical song/chart to which you know all the words. #earworm
  • Q2 With which non-classical genre(s) of music did you grow up? How, if at all, has that affected your music-making?
  • Q3 Which non-classical genre(s) did you discover later that now affect your music-making? How do you incorporate that influence?
  • Q4 Which non-classical genre(s) did you formerly dislike that you now love/appreciate? What affected that shift of opinion?
  • Q4.2 Follow-up: how can we apply those kinds of opinion shifts to positively shift people’s opinions of classical music?
  • Q5 With which non-classical genre(s) would you like to be better acquainted?
  • Q5.2 Follow-up: if you see a #musochat-er interested in a genre that you love, please suggest a few icebreaker artists for them!
  • Q6 Do you consider yourself a classical music snob (or, did you at any point?) Is snobbery harmful? Helpful? Something else?
  • BONUS Post your current guilty pleasure song(s). (But, good news: you don’t have to be guilty about it! All music is cool! Yay!)

HEY: thanks for letting me host musochat again! It was, unsurprisingly, a blast. Now, y’all go listen to Adele some more.

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