Hosts: team @musochat! (Megan Ihnen, Garrett Schumann, Gahlord Dewald, Hillary LaBonte, J.M. Gerraughty and Shaya Lyon)

The impetus for this week’s theme, and our being together in one place, was the 2016 New Music Gathering, an annual conference dedicated to “the performance, production, promotion, support and creation of new concert music.” This year’s event was held at the Peabody Conservatory, so we met up at a nearby coffee shop/bakery to host this week’s discussion alongside regular Musochat participants Imani Mosley (@imanimosley) and Warren Enström (@sbassoon).

This year, the New Music Gathering was focused on the subject of community, which is why we chose the theme for this week’s chat. Moreover, the online community of Musochat formed out of last year’s New Music Gathering in San Francisco; so, for the Musochat team, there will always be a link between the New Music Gathering, community, and community-building.

Before the evening’s first Musochat question, we tweeted the following introduction to the discussion:

Many musochatters spent this weekend at @newmusgathering in Baltimore, learning how others do community. There’s a lot WE can do to build and impact our own communities in a meaningful way. Over the next hour, we’ll be exploring our own opportunities, successes, and challenges in community-building. Your host tonight is team : @jmgerraughty, @garrt, @mezzoihnen, @gahlord, @surrendertofun, and @pickleshy.

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. Tell us who you are, what city you’re in, and what community means to you in 3 words
  2. What are 3 things your community needs?
  3. How could you provide some of these things for your community?
  4. Do you think of yourself as a community organizer? Why/why not?
  5. What things are you good at that are valuable to helping your community thrive?
  6. If you’re new to a community, how do you break in and become better acquainted with it?
  7. Who (music or non-music) is a super rockstar community builder, and what makes them so impressive?
  8. What can do to strengthen the new music community?
  9. Send us a picture of your environment! We want to see !

Thanks for joining us from near and far!

If you weren’t able to join, you can read the full discussion on Storify!