I’m discovering in my own career many of my greatest successes have come from helping others in their career. How can we foster the environment of giving up our slice of the pie for others? Or better yet, how do we find happiness in others’ success?

Host: Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn (@AleksSD)


  1. Name, Current Occupation, Favorite Adjective that describes your musical philosophy
  2. Why do you think the arts are competitive, and how can we change that mindset from competition to collaboration?
  3. At what point in your career/education did you start thinking about music from a collaboration point of view? For those of us who are teachers, how do you help your students see their peers as colleagues and not competition?
  4. How often do you create opportunities for others where you have nothing to gain? What stops us from creating selfless opportunities? Ego? Insecurity? Resources?
  5. When you’ve created opportunities for others what have been some of your best results?
  6. When creating opportunities or collaborating with others what are the qualities (people or project) you look for?

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