Host: @jdgaby

Whether you have trained at the undergraduate or graduate level or are just a hobbyist performer, you desire to sing, play your instrument, or hear your compositions performed for others. If you are like most musicians, the desire to perform is great within you.

But, sometimes we hit a road block or a speed bump in our career. You may not have the ability to perform for an already organized symphony, choir, opera company, or have a place that you know your work will be performed. What do you do?

In today’s culture where you can produce just about anything, instead of seeking permission to perform from others, could you establish your own ensemble with colleagues and friends you already know and perform your own work?

In this #musochat we will talk about the feasibility of creating a new ensemble and the things to do to create an ensemble and the ways to make it thrive.


– Q1: Introduce yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? Are you an instrumentalist, singer, or composer?
– Q2: How would creating your own performance ensemble help you in your career?
– Q2.2: @eopman raises a good point. Would creating an ensemble help your career or not?
– Q3: What kind of ensemble would you most want to create, choral, instrumental, mixed?
– Q4: How could your ensemble work with other groups in your area? Would yours be the only one?
– Q4.1 Would there be any difference for a small town ensemble? Does Demography and location change things?
– Q5: In the creation of an ensemble, there are non-profits or for-profits. Which is best for your ensemble?
– Q6: Would your ensemble need a board of directors? How would you govern it?
– Q7: Every performance ensemble needs funds to operate. How would you raise money?
– Q8: Every performance ensemble needs a place to perform. Where would you perform? Would you build new or buy old?
– Q9: How can you best market your new ensemble online and offline?
– Q10: What challenges can new ensembles face and how can you overcome them?

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