As musicians, we receive a tremendous amount of criticism – constructive or destructive, warranted or otherwise. How does one make the most of this critical environment? How does one filter difficulty and negativity into artistic (and personal) progress? How do reviews and press affect what we do? (Does it? Should it?) How can one provide the most constructive criticism to peers – and how can one invite the same in return?

Host: @griffincandey


  1. Intro & ice breaker: Please give your name, your career/involvement with music, and your go-to font(s) for scores.
  2. What, in your opinion, are the hallmarks of effective/fruitful criticism? What type of guidance resonates the most with you?
  3. How critical are you of your own artistry? Do you hope to change this criticism in some way – and if so, how?
  4. How (and how often) does peer guidance contribute constructively to your artistry? Do media reviews contribute similarly?
  5. How (and how often) do you actively explore/challenge the limits of your artistry? Is it sporadic or a scheduled activity?
  6. What one vital piece of artistic guidance would you bestow upon a younger version of yourself? #NewMusicTimeWarp
  7. What was your last big career obstacle – physical, situational, mental, et al. – and how did you overcome it?
  8. BONUS QUESTION: Post a link to one of your recordings (i.e. a piece that you’ve composed/premiered) and tell us why you’re proud of it!

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