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“Cross-disciplinary collaboration should be encouraged in efforts to promote transformational research. It’s often fundamental to it. And that collaboration should not just be in the fields of obvious connection.” – James M. Gentile

We’ll be talking about cross-discipline collaborations in new music – considering their importance in the future of new music, as well as what makes a great collaboration successful.

“The most valuable benefit of collaborating with artists in other disciplines is the vast window that the experience can open up into one’s own work… The parallels and diversions, commonalities and differences between the forms, media, and processes of different art forms enable an artist to view their work and their discipline in a new light, to come at the concepts they routinely deal with from a different angle. One particularly valuable challenge inherent in collaboration is the need to present and justify one’s artistic opinion to a collaborator. There is another creative voice in the mix.” – Jerome Begin


1 – Introductions: What’s your name, your discipline, and your favorite success-celebrating dance move?

2 – Have you ever participated in a cross-discipline collaboration? If so: what was it? If not: would you like to?

3 – If you have created some kind of cross-discipline collaboration, how did it come about? Who contacted whom?

3.1 – If you haven’t participated in one yet, what kind of collaboration would you like to do?

3.2 – For those who have done collaborations that came together rather organically, how were duties assigned?

4 – What are some other forms of expression you enjoy? Could you see yourself incorporating those into music?

5 – What are some of your favorite instances of cross-discipline collaboration?

6 – What do successful cross-discipline collaborations have in common?

7 – Share your next project that you’re looking forward to, and why!

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