Host: Gahlord Dewald (@patternroot/@gahlord), bassist and business/tech consultant

This is going to be a calm, supportive, useful group of questions about diversity in New Music that¬†hopefully will generate some things we can do to add more experiences to our collective voice. I’m a cis white straight male who qualifies as “old” on several music opportunity applications. I think this is a tremendously important topic.


  1. What’s your name, how do you self-identify? Composer, performer, producer, something else?
  2. How big can an ensemble/group be before lack of diversity becomes a serious issue?
  3. In your experience, which specific group(s) are under-represented in the New Music scene? In #musochat itself?
  4. What are we, as music practitioners, losing as a result of lack of diversity?
  5. What is needed to create a safe environment for well & under represented groups to work on diversity issues together?
  6. If schools/existing classical “host” scene are not diverse, is it our personal responsibility to do anything about diversity?
  7. Is there a relationship between economic opportunities/barriers (education, initial careers) that influence diversity in New Music?
  8. Name some things you can do to increase diversity in New Music scene, and in #musochat itself.

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Photo: “Cards” by Kiriana on Flickr.