Host: Holly Roadfeldt (@hroadfeldt)

Under which conditions do we do our best work? Can establishing a routine help us beat self-sabotage? This will likely be an extension of Arthur’s topic since I was thinking of the same source, The War of Art! 🙂 I will focus my questions on creating positive environments and hopefully Musochatters will offer some inspiring suggestions for how they do their best work.


  1. Please fill in the blanks: I’m ____ & I’m currently living in ____. I’m most inspired &/or challenged by my work as a(n) _____.
  2. It’s an average day. What’s your practice routine/your routine to get writing, etc.?
  3. What is the most challenging hurdle in your actual work (deadlines, mental focus, etc.)? How do you work through it?
  4. Life happens (phone calls, texts, kids, students, etc.)! How do you get back on track immediately? How long does that take?
  5. You are traveling. There is a lot of chaos. What routines bring you comfort even in unfamiliar settings?
  6. You are depressed/anxious/overwhelmed. What routine gets you feeling more comfortable?
  7. PERFORMERS: It’s 10 minutes before curtain. COMPOSERS: You are ready to send your score. What is your ritual? #musochat
  8. You are emotionally spent and need some practical advice. Where do you go for inspiration?

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