We’ve all read blogs, seen interviews, and otherwise had it pounded into our heads that the key to success in the current classical music landscape is “entrepreneurialism.” Unfortunately, this word tends to mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. This week, we discuss what entrepreneurialism means for us, and find ways in which we can integrate entrepreneurial strategies into our current career paths.

Host: @jmgerraughty


  1. Introduce yourself, and indicate what you do (i.e. — composer, cellist, kazoo enthusiast, etc.).
  2. What’s your definition of entrepreneurialism in music? What do others mean when they use it in interviews, blogs, etc.?
  3. What’s the difference between today’s entrepreneurialism and the traditional ways in which new music has gotten performed?
  4. Give examples of ways in which you’ve been entrepreneurial in your approach to your career. What did you change/innovate?
  5. What are indicators of success for your career (Money? Awards? Gigs?). Has entrepreneurialism resulted in measurable success?
  6. What should be let go of in order to be entrepreneurial in music careers? What should be kept?
  7. If entrepreneurialism is the answer to music career issues, what has stopped everyone from adopting it? What’re the obstacles?
  8. What life/career conditions would make it easier/harder to be entrepreneurial in your career?
  9. Who (composer/performer/etc.) has done a really great job at being entrepreneurial? What’ve they done differently than others?
  10. What will the next generation of music careers look like? How are you preparing for the change?
  11. Do you have any projects/performances that you want to plug? Let’s hear it!

The full conversation is on Storify.