How do we engage/deal with genre in 2015? How does it help build musical allies? For composers, does each piece have its own genre? For ensembles, do you gravitate/resonate with specific genres? Is #NewMusic even a genre?

Host: @KennethDStewart


  1. Intros. Name/what do you do/how’d you hear about musochat?
  2. When describing the sound of a piece of new music to other people, how closely do you accept mainstream genre distinctions?
  3. Content creators: What are the terms you then use on services like youTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp to tag new music?
  4. Bloggers, scholars: What are the terms you use to make musical distinctions of specific communities, scenes, etc.?
  5. To what extent is the term genre in new music intertwined with the venue of its performance? (Bars vs. recital halls)
  6. What are YOUR preferred ways/terms to place YOUR musical output into the larger musical landscape?
  7. Glancing at the #newmusic hashtag, one notices its use by hip hop artists and pop artists. Does this affect larger visibility?
  8. Is new music even a genre? Has/will it become one? Is it a productive term in online promotion?
  9. In what setting do you feel the term ‘new music’ is used most effectively?
  10. What are some terms that could be used in tandem to describe/tag new music? (Musically, regionally, virtually etc.)

Periscope postlude: After the chat, Ken answered questions in a live video stream (now on YouTube)!

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