Each musochat has a host. The host chooses the topic, asks the questions, and guides the conversation by asking participants to expand on or clarify their answers. Anyone can host, at any time! Here’s how.

How do you host a musochat?

  • Choose a topic that interests you. It can be something you’re wrestling with, an area of personal curiosity, or simply a good conversation starter.
  • Choose a date and time. We found that Sunday evenings at 9pm EST was the best date/time for our US community. If you are in a different area, find a time that works for your community.
  • Get the word out. Write a brief blog (or other public-facing) post about your chosen topic, then share it with your friends and colleagues on Twitter with the hashtag #musochat! Let us know you’re hosting by tagging @musochat when you announce your topic, and we’ll boost your signal. It is also good to tweet the day of and in the hour(s) leading up to musochat to energize Twitter for the chat.
  • Think of a question. You can prepare 6-8 questions about the topic in advance, or start with one good question and come up with others as the discussion progresses. For an hour-long chat, we found that 6-8 questions allowed just the right amount of time for discussion.
  • Host the chat on Twitter. Post your questions throughout the hour, one question per tweet. Reach out to participants to help elicit explorations of answers you think can be examined further. Tag each question with a number (Q1, Q2, etc.) and #musochat. If the conversation leads you to think of new questions along the way,  you can insert decimal questions as necessary (Q1.1, Q1.2, etc.).
  • Don’t answer your own questions. The spirit of musochat is to seek answers for honest questions and observe the variety of responses. Answering your own questions will limit your ability to hear the full variety of responses and experiences of the group. Instead, engage in discussion with the participants and discover what comes to light.
  • Finish up with a call for new hosts, like this: Learn more about #musochat, host your own, and more –> musochat.com

We’d love to hear your voice, and we can’t wait for your questions! 🙂