Host: Chrysanthe Tan (@chrysanthetan), composer/violinist

Even the most confident and accomplished musician has hangups and experiences shame from time to time. These things can sometimes hinder our work. Perhaps when utilized a certain way, they can also help our work? I’d love to create a judgment-free space for us to share and bear witness to one another’s thoughts and feelings. Perhaps we have more in common than we think. Either way, I find that honest communication and expression often carve a path to more genuine art-making.

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  1. Hi! Let’s introduce ourselves with name + pronouns + location + role in music. Optional: photo!
  2. When it comes to communication and sharing vulnerable things, are you more of an open or closed book
  3. 3a. On that note, are there particular things you have a hard time discussing with others? Share as much as comfortable…fear, insecurities, etc. 3b. Is there an area in your personal or professional life that you’re too afraid to ask for help in? Share.
  4. What are you worried might happen if you admit or discuss a fear/embarrassing thing to a colleague?
  5. Imagine you’ve just shared/discussed a “tough thing” with a colleague. What’s the best possible outcome?
  6. 6a. How have your fears and insecurities negatively affected your work/practice? 6b. How have the fears/insecurities of a colleague or collaborator negatively affected a project? 6c. Has awareness of your fears and insecurities ever affected your work in a positive way? How so
  7. Who do you feel LEAST comfortable sharing/communicating with? Mentor, teacher, student, colleague, collaborator, fan, others?
  8. Who do you feel MOST comfortable disclosing things to/communicating with? Why?
  9. Think of a time someone else confided in you. Who was it and how did you view the person/interaction afterward?
  10. 10a. What makes/would make you feel more comfortable sharing, disclosing, and asking things in the future? 10b. What’s one thing you can do to encourage and foster honest communication in your current projects/partnerships? Be specific!
  11. If anyone here has written a blog, article, or otherwise shared something on these subjects, please link us to that!
  12. Last but not least, please SHAMELESSLY plug a project, piece, video, etc of yours! As many as you’d like!

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