Host: Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore), conductor and director of operamission

Since we’re all looking for our next gig, can we use musochat to form the connections to make some concrete art? 

We’re all looking for a gig, right? So much as already happening… I’ve read quite a few musochat success stories already, which is what inspired this week’s topic. I think most of us want to work, and are very possibly here because we’re looking to expand our professional network. I’d like to see if I can help even one of us find an “in” somehow somewhere.

Don’t nobody be ashamed to shameless plug please.


  1. Where are you based and what’s your gig?
  2. What are some upcoming collaborations or gigs you have in the works?
  3. Are you in a city or area where there are plenty of people to work with, or are you looking to travel or move?
  4. Do you have any gig-related travel plans currently, or specific interest in making connections in a specific geographical area?
  5. Tweet a few dream-come-true scenario/situation gig ideas for yourself. Things you hope to make happen someday.
  6. Are there any obvious ways you can help other musicians on their eternal gig-hunt? If so, what would those be?
  7. When deciding with whom to collaborate, do you like to call the shots, or do you take any opportunity that comes up?
  8. Supply and demand… What can you SUPPLY to the music industry? Composers, tell us a bunch more specifics about your music if you can. Performers, what are your unique strengths, or what are you better at than anybody?
  9. Take a few minutes to browse our conversation and reach out to one or two or five other participants if you haven’t already.

You can read the full discussion on Storify!