Host: @kbald77

The role of a musician places enormous pressure, externally or internally, on the mental and emotional well-being. How these pressures are handled, experienced, ignored, etc. varies on individual personality, support system, and even current project.

We all interact with our musical craft with a personal attentiveness and connection that makes the two inseparable. This can cause our mental well-being to follow the successes and struggles of our craft, creating unique obstacles to conquer. Tonight’s musochat will be aimed at using each other as a catalyst to learn to deal with and balance mental well-being and craft.

With that preface, let’s get going:

1 – Where is everyone from, what is your role in the music world?

2 – How do you measure or keep tabs on your personal well being in conjunction with your musical craft?

3 – What mental obstacles have you faced with your craft, and was there an event that caused this?

3.1 – Seeing a lot about anxiety – any tips to subdue anxiety that is distracting?

4 – In what ways did this mental barrier effect your craft, as well as other elements in your life outside music?

5 – In what ways did you attempt to overcome this challenge? What helped or made the situation worse?

6 – Who/What did you reach out to for help, and what positive/negative response did you get?

7 – What did you gain/lose by overcoming, or attempting to overcome this obstacle?

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