Host: Adam Schumaker (@schumakera)

“Money transparency” is the idea that our conversations about money, no matter how large or how small, should be more transparent. We should un-apologetically lay the real numbers on the table and stop tip-toeing around financial discussions.

Especially with employers/employees. Especially with our peers. Especially in gig-based economies like music and art.

This idea of “money transparency” also contains the notions that we should 1.) stop feeling bad for wanting to make money with our art 2.) be willing to describe what we want, and negotiate as necessary 3.) be willing to advocate for our peers and colleagues, and 4.) honestly approach deficits, debts, or losses.

It is time to make yourself comfortable talking about money. Archaic business practices tell us not to discuss others wages and salaries. In the music business, it is important to know the going rates, get the money talk out of the way, and be ready to negotiate for what your time is worth.

Let’s #musochat about what we make and get comfortable talking about the details of our business.

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