Host: Team Musochat (@musochat): Shaya Lyon, Gahlord Dewald, Megan Ihnen, Garrett Schumann, Jason Gerraughty, Hillary LaBonte.

Musochat began unexpectedly one summer evening in 2015, when 6 of us from across the US got together to chat about making new music. We quickly found ourselves in the good company of others thinking about personal/professional challenges in the industry. A year later, musochat has surprised us by bringing joy and curiosity, kindness, kindredness, and collaboration to us and many others. Tonight we celebrate musochat and you – our community – by looking back on the best and learning what we can do better.

Behind the scenes tonight: @pickleshy @gahlord @mezzoihnen @garrt @jmgerraughty @surrendertofun. Ready? Here we go!


Discussion archive coming soon!