Dear musochat family,

We’re thrilled with the community we’ve built together and all the things we’ve learned from you along the way.

After three years and 100 chats, the musochat leadership team is open-sourcing musochat in order to make space for new endeavors. This means anyone can organize a chat when the need arises.

We’re excited to see you carry it forth! The very first musochat was a spontaneous hashtagged conversation between friends. We look forward to seeing more of that.

We hereby bequeath you with our guide to organizing a chat, which encompasses the best of what we’ve learned about hosting over the last few years.

Here’s to the future! Be fruitful and musochatify!

With love,

Shaya, Gahlord, Megan, Garrett, Hillary, and Jason

P.S. Why the hedgehog? Why not? Consider it our love note to you. Photo by George Kendall on Unsplash.