The first musochat!

Host: @patternroot.


  1. Do you self-identify as a soloist, ensemble performer, composer, or something else entirely?
  2. How much of your musical and music-focused efforts are devoted to new or contemporary music?
  3. When people ask you what kind of music you do, how do you describe it?
  4. In your experience, what’s a large challenge you have to making/writing/producing more new music/weaponized post-Romanticism?
  5. What’s an opportunity that you think could be leveraged to help you do more new music/weaponized post romanticism?
  6. With which music market geography do you self-identify?
  7. What’s a way you will be developing an audience in the next six months?
  8. Those with grad+ degrees, what was the biggest factor in your school decision?
  9. Those with grad+ degrees, has it helped your career? How, specifically?
  10. Composers: What do you look for in a performer? Performers: What do you look for in a composer/composition? Others: What motivates you?
  11. When should we have the next #musochat? and who should ask questions? (I’m happy to do it again, but think spreading it around is good)

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