Host: Aaron Given (@aaronjgiven), music educator

About this chat

For New Music to thrive, we need an educated and enthusiastic audience. Let’s explore how we can cultivate that audience in K-12 music classrooms and undergraduate teacher training programs.

Aaron’s introduction

Regardless of our current roles in the musical world, we all got where we are because at some point, we learned to play/sing, to read, to listen, analyze, and create. Ultimately, we’re here because we learned to love music deeply.

My goal for this #musochat is to explore what got us all to this point & how we can help more people make it here with us. We all have a vested interest in creating a new generation of passionate artists & audiences, so let’s dig into what we can do to reach them!

Here’s a key to the abbreviations I’ll be using to milk my character count tonight.

  • E = educator
  • S = student
  • C/P = composer and/or performer


Jump in with your own replies!

This chat took place on March 25, 2018 at 9pm ET.

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