For this week’s #musochat, I hope to hear from artists across the country to learn more about the new music landscape in their towns and discuss how we can leverage the Internet to network and potentially help one another obtain opportunities.

Host: @sugarvendil


  1. Intros. Name/what do you do/how’d you hear about #musochat?
  2. Where are you based? How’s the new music scene? Please try to include name of city when responding to future questions so we can keep track.
  3. Do major institutions in your city foster new music?
  4. If you live in a city that is saturated with artists, how are you able to find your place in the landscape?
  5. If your city has generally low new music activity, how do you build your career? Does less competition=larger piece of the pie?
  6. Is starting your own venture (i.e., ensemble, opera company, etc.) a frequent occurrence in your city?
  7. What are some of the positive and negative aspects of being an artist where you live?
  8. Would you recommend other musicians move to your city? Or would you rather live in another city?
  9. Does the city you choose to live in make or break your career?
  10. We don’t all have access to top presenters, venues, etc. How can we use internet to help fellow emerging artists secure opportunities?

The full conversation is on Storify.