The Internet has irrevocably changed the landscape of communication and the ability to share ideas (#musochat is a perfect example). The Internet and social media have provided new tools to allow us to connect with people we may never have been able to in the first place, furthering opportunities for artistic growth, communication, ideas, development, and our ability to “get ourselves out there.” What role do the internet, social media, and electronic communication in general play in accomplishing your musical ambitions?

Host: @J_Derderian


1 – What’s your name, musical occupation(s), and location?
2 – What does “online presence” mean to you?
3 – How much of your online presence/activity is for musical purposes vs. personal?
4 – Do you need to be mindful about what you share on Social Media if you’re trying to curate contacts?
5 – How do you make your online presence “sparkle”?
5.1 – What kinds of web page/social media features do you find helpful/insightful?
6 – How do you measure the success of your online presence & activities with so many tools available?
7 – How do you recognize “authenticity” in a sea digital self-representation?
8 – Bonus: share an upcoming or recent project OF A PEER you’re really excited about!

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