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6/12: What Would You Make?

The things we actually create are limited by all kinds of things (money, time, resources, location). What are the “dream projects” of today’s composers and performers? Could social media be a force for accomplishing some of these things? Hosted by @riotens.

6/5: Support

What are the ways in which we can support each other? Where do you find your own support? Where aren’t you finding support? What are you hoping NMG will cover surrounding this topic? Hosted by @newmusgathering.

5/29: Limits & Boundaries of Notation

Many composers of the past century have been pushing limits with graphic notation, video notation, or other new ideas. In what ways is this powerful and exploratory, for performers, composers, and audiences? In what ways is it limiting and diminishing, for the same groups? What’s the next step? Hosted by @AlanUhler.

5/22: Social Media Marketing for Performers

Many classical performers are on social media. This chat is all about deciding what the role of social media is for performers from a marketing standpoint, and how it might help performers and performance venues to find new audiences for our work. Hosted by @Operaversity.

5/15: The Open Work: Artistic accessibility & what we mean when we talk about it

What do we mean when we talk about the accessibility of a work? What do we perceive it to mean when others use it? Are there more precise words we could use? Is “accessibility” a useful metric in any way, or should we aim to retire it? Hosted by @sbassoon.

5/8: How Shame, Secrets, and Hang-Ups Affect Our Art

Even the most confident and accomplished musician has hangups and experiences shame from time to time. These things can sometimes hinder our work. Perhaps when utilized a certain way, they can also help our work? Hosted by @chrysanthetan.

5/1: What Is This? Genres & Labels

What are genres? Why does it matter? SHOULD it matter? I always think about this, and I want to know what others think! I’ve got so much to ask. Hosted by @samelnicomposer.

4/24: Grad School

I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing grad school. I have lots of questions around that. Hosted by @gahlord.

4/17: Identity as Part of the Creative Process

How has your identity/self-labeling affected your work as an artist? Has identity been your greatest tool in your creativity? Has it been a hindrance due to insecurities in identity? Hosted by @RossCrean.

4/10: Creating the True Fan

How do we best create understanding and inspire devotion in those we’d like to be listening to what we do before, during, and after they experience new music? Hosted by @katiekellert.

4/3: Doing Our Work: Ritual, Routine, Results

Under which conditions do we do our best work? Can establishing a routine help us beat self-sabotage? We will discuss creating positive environments and seek inspiring suggestions for how we do our work. Hosted by @hroadfeldt.

3/20: Self-Care and Musicians

How do we handle it when we’re injured? How about when we’re burnt out? Share ideas for tough times. Hosted by @wesflinn.

3/13: New Music in Public Schools

How can new music creators and advocates engage respectfully with public school music programs, and how much should we engage? Hosted by @ursulasahagian.

3/6: Commissioning New Music: Fruitful Collaborations Between Performers & Composers

We’ll explore and identify the needs and wants from performers and composers in the area of commissioning new music, with the aim to guide us into creating fruitful collaborations where everybody wins. Hosted by @eunbikimpiano.

2/28: Diversity vs. the Stacked Deck

A calm, supportive, useful group of questions about diversity in New Music that hopefully will generate some things we can do to add more experiences to our collective voice. Hosted by @gahlord.

2/21: Beating Resistance

Discussing our experience with and awareness of resistance, how we combat it and triumph over it. Hosted by @arthurbreur.

2/7: What Can ‘Radio’ Do For You?

We’ve all probably heard it at some point: “Radio is dying.” How is radio thriving (or is it?) in the terrestrial and digital mediums? What is the role of new music in that arena? What would you like to see and hear on the platforms you’re using? How can radio better serve you? Hosted by Maggie Stapleton, manager of Second Inversion/Classical KING FM 98.1 (@secondinversion).

1/31: Making It Happen

Since we’re all looking for our next gig, can we use musochat to form the connections to make some concrete art? Hosted by Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore).

1/24: Composing for the Stage

Writing for the voice & stage is tough, no doubt. How does one balance one’s voice with the needs of cast, crew, theater, and audience? How does one even break into this field? Hosted by Griffin Candey (@griffincandey).

1/17: What Makes You So Freaking Special?

We all have something to say, but how do you make it about you, without making it all about… you? Hosted by Jolene Masone (@jkmbassoon).

1/10: Community and Community-Building

What do our communities need, and how can we provide it? Hosted by team @musochat.

1/3: Something Old, Something New

How can we balance originality, palatability, and creative freedom in an era of over-saturation? Hosted by Peter Bregman (@p_bregman).

12/20: How Do We Define Success?

How much does capitalism influence how we define success? Hosted by Andy Lee (@andyleedma).

12/13: What Can We Learn From Our Mistakes?

What can we glean from our forays into failure? Is there a split between the new music community and the traditional classical music community in their acceptance of mistakes, or aberrations in performance? How does this affect composition, performances, and career trajectory? Have mistakes lead to the discovery of a new technique or timbre? Do they make you a better teacher? Hosted by Daria Binkowski (@dariabinkowski).

12/6: On Opera

Composing for the voice; tackling the large-scale; chamber opera; production; commission; inspiration; dramaturgy, collaboration. Hosted by Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore).

11/22: Classical Loves Pop, Pop Loves Classical

If you trawl with a larger net, you’re going to pick up things that you didn’t know existed and didn’t know that you needed. Hosted by Griffin Candey (@griffincandey).

11/15: Using Technology and the World Wide Web to Expand Artistic Horizons

A discussion of the intersection between new technologies and our artistic practices. Hosted by @DrGTMarie.

11/8: The Grant Gauntlet

Grants are something that artists across all disciplines wrestle with, and I also do it professionally. This week as I’ll primarily act as a resource for questions you may have, and perhaps get you thinking about aspects of the grant process you may not have previously considered. Hosted by @garrettshatzer.

11/1: Creating Environments Where Others Can Thrive

How can we foster the environment of giving up our slice of the pie for others? Or better yet, how do we find happiness in others’ success? Hosted by @AleksSD.

10/25: New Music for Newbies

As a listener, encountering new music for the first time can be enlightening, confusing or downright daunting. We’ll look back on our first experiences with new music, and explore ways to introduce it to others so that it opens them to seeking more and different musical experiences. Hosted by @pickleshy.