Musochat is pretty casual. Here are some ground rules:

  1. If you’re responding to a specific question (i.e. — Q1), indicate it in your answer and all comment threads related to that answer (i.e. — A1). Also, make sure that you put #musochat into your tweet, so we can all see it. Here’s an example:
  2. Hosts usually pre-schedule all the whole number questions (Q1, Q2, etc.), but if they find an interesting subject to follow up on, they might insert decimal questions as necessary (Q1.1, Q1.2, etc.)
  3. The host might not answer questions unless asked directly — they will be concentrating on hosting and keeping conversation flowing.
  4. You are not obliged to answer any questions. Hell, you can just lurk the entire time and not say anything!
  5. Keep your language civil. Disagreement is okay, flaming is not!
  6. Q & A will last for about an hour, but conversation can go as long as people are willing to talk.
  7. If you miss a musochat and are feeling surprisingly bummed about it, that’s ok! You can still participate asynchronously. Just answer when you have time, and tag your responses with A1 #musochat, etc.

If you’re interested in learning some more about #musochat, check out this great post from NewMusicBox. Hope to see you there!