It’s no secret: there’s no (big) money in new music. That doesn’t mean we should adopt a mindset based on scarcity. Instead, we should focus on building our communities – local, regional, and national – by creating opportunities and spaces that encourage people to work together and share what they have. (See #musochat) In this way, more artists will have the resources they need to realize large-scale projects that might otherwise end up hidden away from the world due to constraints imposed by finances, logistics, material needs, or personnel.

Host: @andrewstiefel


1 – What is your name, musical occupation(s), and location?
2 – What large-scale, seemingly insurmountable project do you dream about creating each night before you go to sleep?
3 – Besides money, what would you need to make your project a reality? What’s holding you back?
4 – What shared resource, information, or expertise is most needed in your city or region to make big projects a reality?
5 – How are people and organizations in your city or region working together to share their resources, information and expertise?
6 – How often do you invite other artists or musicians to meet and talk in person, outside of discussing or working on projects?
7 – Do you have a mentor (outside of school programs) that has helped you finish a project? Do you mentor anyone?
8 – Tell us one step you’ll take this week to foster sharing, mentoring, or collaboration in your community. It can be as simple as inviting 3 people to coffee or sending an email.

Thanks for participating in #musochat tonight! Report back anytime this week with how your assignment went!

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