Host: Peter Bregman (@p_bregman)

How can we balance originality, palatability, and creative freedom in an era of over-saturation?

Peter’s introduction:

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new year of #musochat. Tonight I’m going to do my best to get into some deep subject matter with 140-character limitations and a handful of questions.

  • Since it’s a new year, let’s start easy – Q1: Where are you located, and do you consider yourself more of a composer or musician?
  • Ok, let’s dig in: Q2: How concerned are you with making your music palatable to a general audience?
  • Q3: If the palatability of music is tied to a sense of familiarity, how do you produce innovative music that people want to hear?
  • Q4: In the world of New Music, constant invention is expected. Do you ever find yourself doing new things purely for the novelty? Does this ultimately serve the composition or not?
  • On the flip side – Q5: Do you ever find yourself emulating your heroes/inspiration too much? How much is too much?
  • Q6: In some ways, musicians and composers are now freer than ever to make challenging music. This is great in so many ways, but does the lack of limitations lead to less true creativity and innovation?

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