Live music, recorded music, and food pairings.

Hosts: @garrt and @sugarvendil


  1. Let’s start with a name/location check. Who’s here in the salon with us, and where? Pics welcome!
  2. What is the last piece of music you listened to before tonight’s salon?
  3. What food or beverage would you pair with the piece you named in A2?
  4. When did you last attend a concert with contemporary music (i.e. composer still alive) on it? Playing such a concert counts too in this scenario.
  5. When did you last listen to a commercially-released album with new music (composer alive) on it? NOT recordings posted online.
  6. We all know recordings don’t sell well. What’s your main goal when making the decision to invest time and money to record an album? (via @sugarvendil)
  7. Which do you think is the best medium to experience contemporary music, recording or performance? Why?

The full conversation is on Storify.