Host: Team New Music Gathering (@newmusgathering)

We’re planning ahead for #NMG2017 at Bowling Green State University (May 11-13, 2017) and would love to speak with the Twitter community about this year’s theme “Support.” To us, support means anything from financial, technological, pedagogical, emotional, and artist-to-artist support: the people, ideas, organizations, routes, and feelings we all lean on as we stretch ourselves through our musical adventures. What are the ways in which we can support each other? Where do you find your own support? Where aren’t you finding support? What are you hoping NMG will cover surrounding this topic?


Q1: Aside from financial support, how else can we support work?

Q2: Do you have a story of receiving support from an unexpected source?

Q3: Beyond your own career & given your current resources, in what ways do you hope to lend support to your new music community?

Q4: Will you talk about the nuts and bolts of how you support yourself? (financially and not financially)

Q5: Supporters – What do you look for in choosing which project to support?

Q6: Creators – Do you craft your project based on the quality or source of support?

Q6.2: To clarify, do you pitch the scale your project differently based on the available support? (not the quality)

Q7: What is a model of support you see in another field that you think your field could emulate?

Q8: How do you feel your musical trajectory was supported or unsupported in your education?

Q8.2: How did (or didn’t) your education prepare you to support yourself through your art?

Q8.3: Was new music supported at your educational institution(s)? In what ways?

Q9: What are topics surrounding “support” that you would like #NMG2017 to cover at next year’s conference at @BGSU?

Q10: What types of projects do you see getting supported? What types do you wish would get more support?

Hey folks, any ideas of residencies or space donations for musicians that folks should look out for?

What are music grants that don’t apply to NYC or Minneapolis?

Photo by Gabe Torney (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons