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Wearing Many Hats – The balancing act of being a 21st-century musician (11/13/2016)

Overwhelmed with juggling all the different aspects of life and career? This musochat will explore how we all manage and cope in our busy lives and in this culture of the pressure to be busy all the time. Hosted by pianist Eunbi Kim.

10/2: Entrepreneurship, the Academy, and Music

A discussion about business and entrepreneurship in music schools. Hosted by Gahlord Dewald.

12/13: What Can We Learn From Our Mistakes?

What can we glean from our forays into failure? Is there a split between the new music community and the traditional classical music community in their acceptance of mistakes, or aberrations in performance? How does this affect composition, performances, and career trajectory? Have mistakes lead to the discovery of a new technique or timbre? Do they make you a better teacher? Hosted by Daria Binkowski (@dariabinkowski).