Tag: collaboration

Commissioning and Collaboration Etiquette (7/29/2018)

What should composers and musical artists do (and definitely not do) when working on commissions or collaborations? Hosted by Anthony Sanchez.

The Rehearsal Process: Techniques, Challenges, and the Culture of Collaboration (2/5/2017)

How we interact, structure our time, problem-solve, and the degree to which we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with one another can determine not only the outcome of our performances, but also our personal experience of music-making and even the trajectory of our careers. Hosted by Ann Moss.

3/6: Commissioning New Music: Fruitful Collaborations Between Performers & Composers

We’ll explore and identify the needs and wants from performers and composers in the area of commissioning new music, with the aim to guide us into creating fruitful collaborations where everybody wins. Hosted by @eunbikimpiano.

1/31: Making It Happen

Since we’re all looking for our next gig, can we use musochat to form the connections to make some concrete art? Hosted by Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore).

12/6: On Opera

Composing for the voice; tackling the large-scale; chamber opera; production; commission; inspiration; dramaturgy, collaboration. Hosted by Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore).

11/1: Creating Environments Where Others Can Thrive

How can we foster the environment of giving up our slice of the pie for others? Or better yet, how do we find happiness in others’ success? Hosted by @AleksSD.

10/11: Sharing Resources and Creating Spaces for Collaboration

It’s no secret: there’s no (big) money in new music. That doesn’t mean we should adopt a mindset based on scarcity. Instead, we should focus on building our communities – local, regional, and national – by creating opportunities and spaces that encourage people to work together and share what they have. Hosted by @andrewstiefel.

9/13: Cross-Discipline Collaborations in New Music

Considering the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the future of new music, as well as what makes a great collaboration successful. Hosted by @surrendertofun.

8/9: New Music in Various Cities

Discussing the new music scenes in various cities, and how we can turn online networking into opportunities in real life. Hosted by @sugarvendil.