Tag: education

Composing & Curating Music for Amateur Performers (6/24/2018)

Let’s discuss the ways in which new music can be made accessible to amateur performers and diverse audiences and the possible benefits of doing so. Hosted by Sakari Dixon Vanderveer.

(New) Music Education (3/25/2018)

For New Music to thrive, we need an educated and enthusiastic audience. Let’s explore how we can cultivate that audience in K-12 music classrooms and undergraduate teacher training programs. Hosted by music educator Aaron Given.

Technology in Music Education (4/30/2017)

How has technology changed the way music teachers interact with students? Can it? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.

Building a Staircase: Creating Access to New Music (1/22/2017)

Any discussion of “relevance” and new music has to begin with this: How does the audience find us? Can they afford us? Do they come equipped to listen? What’s our responsibility – in programming, performing, teaching, and composing – when it comes to making new music accessible to new listeners and new communities? Hosted by Greg Simon.

7/3: Where Performance Meets Pedagogy

What if we discussed teaching new music as thoroughly as we discuss performing/promoting it? Hosted by @QuirkyViolinist.

3/13: New Music in Public Schools

How can new music creators and advocates engage respectfully with public school music programs, and how much should we engage? Hosted by @ursulasahagian.