Tag: education

3/25: (New) Music Education

For New Music to thrive, we need an educated and enthusiastic audience. Let’s explore how we can cultivate that audience in K-12 music classrooms and undergraduate teacher training programs. Hosted by music educator Aaron Given.

4/30: Technology in Music Education

How has technology changed the way music teachers interact with students? Can it? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.

1/22: Building a Staircase: Creating Access to New Music

Any discussion of “relevance” and new music has to begin with this: How does the audience find us? Can they afford us? Do they come equipped to listen? What’s our responsibility – in programming, performing, teaching, and composing – when it comes to making new music accessible to new listeners and new communities? Hosted by Greg Simon.

7/3: Where Performance Meets Pedagogy

What if we discussed teaching new music as thoroughly as we discuss performing/promoting it? Hosted by @QuirkyViolinist.

3/13: New Music in Public Schools

How can new music creators and advocates engage respectfully with public school music programs, and how much should we engage? Hosted by @ursulasahagian.