Tag: genre

10/16: Finding New Listeners

While many of us promote new music by appealing to lovers of traditional classical music, this #musochat will discuss strategies of inviting all types of listeners into the mix. Hosted by Elliott Grabill.

6/26: What Exactly is ‘Classical’ Anyway?

There’s been a bit of debate this year about the term “classical music” and its limitations. What exactly is “classical music”? And how far does it go into the past and into the present? Hosted by @dsaylorcomposer.

5/1: What Is This? Genres & Labels

What are genres? Why does it matter? SHOULD it matter? I always think about this, and I want to know what others think! I’ve got so much to ask. Hosted by @samelnicomposer.

8/16: Genre: The Classification Conundrum

How do we engage/deal with genre in 2015? How does it help build musical allies? For composers, does each piece have its own genre? For ensembles, do you gravitate/resonate with specific genres? Is #NewMusic even a genre? Hosted by @KennethDStewart.