Tag: social media

9/18: Previews, Reviews, and Media Coverage

How can writers focus their efforts to have the most impact for artists? Hosted by Shaya Lyon.

6/12: What Would You Make?

The things we actually create are limited by all kinds of things (money, time, resources, location). What are the “dream projects” of today’s composers and performers? Could social media be a force for accomplishing some of these things? Hosted by @riotens.

5/22: Social Media Marketing for Performers

Many classical performers are on social media. This chat is all about deciding what the role of social media is for performers from a marketing standpoint, and how it might help performers and performance venues to find new audiences for our work. Hosted by @Operaversity.

10/4: Online Presence

What role do the internet, social media, and electronic communications in general play in accomplishing your musical goals? Hosted by @J_Derderian.