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On Support (IRL workshop at New Music Gathering) (5/12/2017)

Join Musochat at New Music Gathering for an in-person #musochat on the subject of support. Hosted by the Musochat leadership squad.

On Listening (1/8/2017)

How do you listen? These days, we’re all very focused on how to be successful in the new internet economy – and we should be. However, if we know more about a composer’s career than we do about their music, then we’re out of balance. In this conversation, we’ll talk about the art of listening, the importance of it, and the support of fellow musicians and composers. Hosted by Anthony Joseph Lanman.

6/19: New Music Festivals

What works well, what doesn’t work, and how can competitions and new music festivals support the larger community? Hosted by @mezzoihnen, @gibsonmara, and @mhall_viola.

6/5: Support

What are the ways in which we can support each other? Where do you find your own support? Where aren’t you finding support? What are you hoping NMG will cover surrounding this topic? Hosted by @newmusgathering.

1/10: Community and Community-Building

What do our communities need, and how can we provide it? Hosted by team @musochat.

9/20: Mentality: Well-being, Struggles, and Challenges

We all interact with our musical craft with a personal attentiveness and connection that makes the two inseparable. This can cause our mental well-being to follow the successes and struggles of our craft, creating unique obstacles to conquer. Tonight’s #musochat will be aimed at using each other as a catalyst to learn to deal with and balance mental well-being and craft. Hosted by @kbald77.